Saturday, 11 February 2012

IMATS 2012

This year I was lucky enough to make my first visit to the International Makeup Artistry Trade Show, and it was incredible!

My exciting day began with a relatively short drive to Alexandra Palace, accompanied by my wonderful friend, who was kind enough to listen to my over-excited ramble all day, and who didn't judge me for spending silly amounts of money on brushes and sparkle. So Hayley, if you're reading this, thank you!

Once we had arrived and collected our wristbands, we made our way into the main exhibition hall and I was so impressed! Numerous attention-grabbing stalls were spread around the room and initially there was so much to take in that we didn't know where to start! In the end we decided that we should have a wander round first before heading to the stalls we most wanted to visit.
Whilst browsing, we saw many people milling around the many stands, sporting stunning and elaborate body art; some wore dramatic outfits, others had aspects of their clothing painted on their skin and some wore expertly applied and very believable prosthetics.
The art work on show was incredibly inspiring and I have since decided that the purchase of a Kryolan Aquacolor palette is a must!

Without a doubt my favourite stall of the day was Illamasqua's! They offered some fantastic discounts and I was truly impressed by their approachable, knowledgeable and friendly staff. I had never tried Illamasqua's products before, but I have since been thoroughly impressed by the the items I picked up on the day, and the great customer service I experienced has left me keen to shop with them in the future.

I'm not certain who was responsible for the artwork shown in the photographs below (if you know, please do drop me a line and I will make amends!), but needless to say they are amazing!

Finally, here's a little peek at what I bought...

Miss Adoro False Lashes
Real Techniques Brushes: (Left to Right) Eyes Starter Set; Core Collection; Travel Essentials
Illamasqua Illumine Oil in 'Volt', Pure Pigment in 'Breathe', Liquid Metal in 'Surge', Medium Pencils in Sorceress, Erratic and Fiesty
Kryolan Polyester Glimmer 25/200 in Pearl Lilac

Overall I had a fantastic day, and I can't wait for IMATS 2013!

Thank you for reading. =)



  1. Wow that make up looks amazing! Good haul also x

  2. It certainly was very impressive stuff! Thanks for following :) x