Sunday, 4 December 2011

Poppy King's Collection for Boots No7.

For decades, the classic red lip has been a statement of confidence and glamour; two words that could never be used to describe my boring, pallid pout. My pale, freckled skin has never really screamed ‘lipstick’ to me, and on the odd occasion I’ve felt the urge, I’ve always opted for muted shades of raspberry or plum, which I think you’ll agree, are nothing to write home about. But a few weeks ago, during my monthly Boots haul, I stumbled upon the No7 counter and its enchanting limited edition collection, courtesy of the successful entrepreneur and lip colour queen, Poppy King.

As soon as I saw the display, my eyes were immediately drawn to the candy-coloured spotted boxes, and I just had to take a closer look. There are seven shades in the collection ranging from barely-there, subtle colours of pinky peach, to rich, pigmented tones in deep reds and burgundies. And there, amongst those tempting shades was ‘History’, and after a quick swatch, I knew I’d finally found a pale-friendly red!

‘History’ has a smooth, almost creamy texture which initially feels lovely on the lips, but after a short while, I've found it has a slight tendency to become a little dry so I like to pat a layer lipbalm over the top after applying. I don’t find its colour overpowering - a quality which would have put me off immediately before purchasing - but instead I feel its rich berry red pigment is demure enough to wear comfortably during the day, yet distinct enough to be noticed. I now find I'm able to wear a red lipstick which doesn’t give me the heebie-jeebies, and which gives me a much needed injection of colour and life into my everyday makeup.

As well as my purchase of History, I also decided to try Intrigue; a semi-opaque colour with hints of soft brown and a dash of pink. This shade is more my usual style and I just couldn’t resist picking it up for my collection! I find that both lip colours have fairly good staying power, but I do feel I need the odd touch up every now and then, particularly after food and drink. Having said that, I feel quite ladylike reapplying, so I need not complain.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchases - the range is definitely worth giving a go!

See Poppy's collection here!

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  1. I saw this collection yesterday but did not have chance to go have a look! Really good review of the lipsticks! I am excited to get back to the counter and have a peep myself :-D